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Our name speaks for itself. The Black Cat House Restaurant will be a famous place for those who ten years ago used to spend evenings at the Black Cat’s playing pool but now have become much more sophisticated in their desires and values. A glass of beer and snacks are no more the ultimate satisfaction, instead enjoy a variety of good wines, fresh salad, delicious soups or main meals, and a special lounge for cigar smokers.

A great attention is paid to the restaurant’s cuisine excelling common standards and offering our guests only high quality food made of specially selected and fresh local products. The new restaurant stands out with its tasteful Latvian cuisine resembling homemade food and cosiness like those times when your loved ones treated you with something special...

The owner of the restaurant Edgars Beitans and the Chef Andrejs Kudravecs have put in a lot of effort to make the new Cat even better and more friendly than the widely famous place before, yet in another quality now.
Visit us in Old Riga, at 10/12 Meistaru Street , in the House of Cats known before as the good old Black Cat.

Our Restaurants:

Time of work :
Monday to Sunday
10:00 - 01:00 (until the last guest)